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Birth Refreshed & Spinning Babies

This class is designed for families who have experienced birth in some capacity before, and either just need a little refresher, or who are looking to add better components to the experience. Additionally, if this is your first birth and you are looking for a comprehensive overview of optimal positioning, physiological birth, and physical preparation, this is the class for you! Together with your partner we explore

  • Stages and phases of labor

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques

  • Evidence in childbirth

  • Birth-day Prep

  • Important resources

Spinning Babies® Parent Class highlights your baby’s active role in birth.

During labor the baby needs to pass through the three levels of the pelvis. Learn techniques to help your pelvis and it’s muscles that support or restrict your pelvic levels. Together, you and your birth partner can use these techniques before and during labor to help “make room for baby!” Spinning Babies reveals how the baby can find optimal positions for labor, and make birth less painful, and even pleasurable!

This class is for expectant parents only.

Baby’s job in labor is to rotate!

  • Learn about Spinning Babies Techniques

  • Daily Essential Activities

  • The Three Sisters of Balance help birth muscles to relax and add comfort now to ease birth later.

  • Birth Positions that open the pelvis that let the baby come through more easily

  • Bring your birth partner to learn how to help you in pregnancy for comfort in labor and birth

  • Upcoming classes

    Every First Saturday

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Calm birth

During this thorough 5-week class, we focus on strengthening understanding of how the body works during labor, and how to work with the body so labor will flow more smoothly, so expecting families may have more confidence and joy .

Jenn the Doula (mother of 5 & educator for 20+ years) teaches this natural childbirth preparation class. In 5 weeks, you will cover:
* a brief history and a proper understanding of the childbirth process,
* practical prenatal activities to help encourage Baby into an optimal birthing position,
* how to foster better understanding and communication between partners,
* MANY comfort measures to use during pregnancy and labor,
* nutrition & fitness,
* signs & phases of labor,
* possible concerns during pregnancy & labor,
* how your loved ones can support Mommy before, during and after birth,
* postpartum “need to know’s,”
* intro to breastfeeding, and more.

Upcoming classes

April 1st – May 6th

April 5th – May 3rd

May 17th – June 14th

May 20th – June 17th

June 28th -July 26th

July 1st – July 29th



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Evidence Based Birth®

This class is an innovative hybrid format that meets the needs of today’s expectant parents. It includes 6 sessions of comprehensive childbirth education/preparation 1/3 In Person + 2/3 Online = 1 Empowered Birth.

Team + Video Modules viewed Independently In-Between Classes = 1 Super
Empowered Birth Team! Students will learn:
■ The stages of labor – There’s so much more than the final pushing stage
seen in movies!
■ Differences between routine care & and evidence based care
■ What evidence based care really means and strategies to increase your
odds of getting it
■ Loads of comfort measures to help keep you comfortable in labor

■ Risks & benefits of common interventions, procedures and protocols (ie
inductions for big baby, sweeping the membranes, epidurals, eye
ointment and lots more)
■ Develop and communicate preferences for birth, newborns care, planned
or unplanned Cesarean
■ The real deal about your physical and emotional postpartum care
■ Respectful communication strategies for interacting with care providers
■ Advocacy skills when necessary
■ Bonus material on breastfeeding and newborn care

Ticket options:

Bronze(this one): $375 per couple and includes everything you need to know including workbook, home assignments, dynamic video learning modules, a total of 6 classes, labor rehearsal, and 6 months access to the incomparable Evidence based Birth Library.

Silver: Available as an in class add on for only $60 more than the bronze ticket, the package includes your choice of a Rebozo, Birth Affirmation cards, or a copy of the book Babies are not Pizzas.

Gold: Everything in Bronze and Silver plus a private in person session with your instructor to discuss your specific strengths, challenges, and details of your birth, baby, and postpartum plans for a total ticket price of $495

Upcoming classes

April 5th – May 17th

August 2nd -August 30th

November 8th -December 6th



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Evidence Based Birth® Savvy Birth Parents

At the Savvy Birth  3 hour workshop, you’ll learn ways to communicate effectively with your doctor, midwife, and nurse. You will discover strategies for asking questions without seeming disrespectful and you’ll get the inside scoop on how to stack the odds in your favor of having a positive birth.  Unlike other childbirth classes, we will help you avoid the typical assembly-line care with six virtual “tickets!”  These “tickets” are your secret advantage to coping with the unknowns of birth!  At the workshop you’ll find out how you can use these tickets in the hospital or wherever you intend to give birth! All ticket prices are per couple. This Savvy Parent ticket includes attendance to the class per couple for $60.00. Super Savvy Parent ticket options include attendance and a birth plan review session with your instructor for $130.00. Ask about the Super Savvy Parent ticket at your class!

Upcoming classes

July 11th

October 18th



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Evidence Based Birth® Savvy Birth 101 (1 hour class)

Are you looking forward to having a baby, but worried about what it’s like to be a “patient” in the hospital system? Never fear, Savvy Birth 101 is here!  The 1-hour Savvy Birth 101 class was developed by Evidence Based Birth® to give you the inside scoop on how to form the ultimate birth team, so when the time comes to bring your baby into the world you can find yourself at the center of respectful, evidence-based care. Tickets are prices per couple at $35 for the Savvy Parent option. Super Savvy Parent ticket option of which also includes a birth plan review session available with Tara for $110. Speak with your instructor about Super Savvy Parent ticket options at class.

Upcoming classes

 June 12th

September 25th



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Hypnobabies is a very successful 6-week, 3 hours per week comprehensive childbirth education course with a focus on medical-grade hypnosis techniques for an easier, more comfortable pregnancy and birth. We fully prepare you and your birth partner for birth through instruction and live practice. You’ll use the same techniques people employ when preparing for surgery without any drugs, which is called hypno-anesthesia. Hypnobabies is well-known for helping women to create much shorter, easier and more comfortable labors, making childbirth the joyful experience it was meant to be! Please register here and a Hypnobabies teacher will be in touch to complete your registration.

Upcoming classes

June 20th- July 25th

October 10th- November 14th



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Hypnobirthing: The MOngAN mETHOD

In five, 2½ hour HypnoBirthing® classes you will learn:

  • How to prepare the mind and body

  • How the uterus functions during labor

  • Special breathing and visualization techniques with guided relaxations

  • Understanding how self-relaxation works for your unique personality

  • The benefits of perinatal bonding

  • Connecting with the birthing body during the phases of labor

  • Release limiting thoughts that can cause fear and tension

  • Comfort measures and the important role of the birth companion

  • Helpful positions for labor and birth

  • The traits and habits of newborns

  • Breastfeeding and lactation education


    Also available in a 1 day 4 hour refresher course!

    Upcoming classes

    Course Dates:

    March 15th- April 12th

    August 15th- September 12th



    One Day Refresher

    February 22nd

    June 13th

    October 3rd



  • April 25th – May 23rd

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It Takes Two:The miracle of Birth and More

This series is unlike anything offered in the central Florida area.  It is taught by an experienced husband and wife team.  Whether you are a first-time parent or adding to your growing family, this class will help to prepare you for your childbirth regardless of how and where you choose to give birth.  It is a comprehensive course that will cover the stages of labor, understanding your body, comfort measures, partner support, and your options as a patient and parent.  You will leave this class prepared and ready to embrace the miracle of childbirth.

Additionally, Anna and Joseph offer extensions of sibling prep, newborn essentials, and more!

Upcoming classes

May 4th – May 25th

August 31st – September 2nd



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