The Educated Mama

CALM Birth Series

During this thorough 5-week class, we focus on strengthening understanding of how the body works during labor, and how to work with the body so labor will flow more smoothly, so expecting families may have more confidence and joy . Jenn the Doula (mother of 5 & educator for 23+ years) teaches this natural childbirth preparation class. In 5 weeks, you will cover:

* a brief history and a proper understanding of the childbirth process,

* practical prenatal activities to help encourage Baby into an optimal birthing position,

* how to foster better understanding and communication between partners,

* MANY comfort measures to use during pregnancy and labor,

* nutrition & fitness,

* signs & phases of labor,

* possible concerns during pregnancy & labor,

* how your loved ones can support Mommy before, during and after birth,

* postpartum “need to know’s,”

* intro to breastfeeding, and more.

JennRandall (also known as Jenn the Doula) has been an educator for 23+ years. She is a certified ASL instructor, mother of 5. 

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“Give me an educated mother, I shall promise you the birth of a

civilized, educated nation.”

~Napolean Bonaparte

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