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Prenatal Yoga

This class is created to enhance breath, awareness, strength, and flexibility during pregnancy. To prepare for birth and beyond. Gentle breathing practices help moms connect with their bodies & learn to regulate their breathing throughout their pregnancy and in preparation for birth. Postures are adapted for growing bellies and other physical changes & focus on gently opening the hips and pelvis as well as building the strength needed in the low body for giving birth.

 Benefits of prenatal YOGA:

 Increase flexibility through hips and pelvis
 Boost physical strength
 Improve concentration and endurance
 Strengthen the pelvic floor
 Develop trust in the body
 Balance hormones and reduce mood swings
 Lessen morning sickness
 Improve blood circulation
 Improve posture
 Alleviate symptoms of sciatica
 Improved confidence
 Calm nervous system
 Set intentions
 Increase breath awareness

Taught be certified prenatal yoga instructor and doula, Leila Wyatt of Devotion, this class is also welcome to all looking to become pregnant.


Every Thursday at 6:00


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Birth Ball Basics

This 4th Trimester Fitness Method™ class is a complete prenatal Birth Ball prep clinic for pregnant people for use in home, birth center or hospital birth.

This class is for pregnant people in all trimesters of pregnancy. You will learn techniques using the ball in pregnancy, labor, birth, and in the postpartum period:
* relieve achy lower backs
* train your body for your labor time
* strengthen your core and your pelvic floor
* learn effective laboring down techniques
* laboring positions to open your pelvis at different levels
* stretching out tired muscles
* birthing positions using the ball for support
* newborn comforting measures
* open Q and A time for any pregnancy, birth, and newborn questions
Your instructor Rachel Tybor, CPM, has been attending births since 2010 and a Certified Professional Midwife since 2013. Please contact her at with any questions! This class has limited spots, and it is likely to fill up. Reserve your spot by registering before 1/16/19 at
***This workshop is a full 3 hours and close to dinner time, so please eat/snack before you come and pack some extra snacks and water.*** Can’t wait to see you for a super fun and information-packed afternoon!

Next Class

January 18th 4:00



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It Takes Two: Diapers & Dollars-How to Financially Prepare for your Growing Family

Having a child is a big responsibility in many ways! Prepare yourselves for the future with this financial workshop.  We will teach you to budget your income and expenses, cut back so you can save and invest in your future.  Kids are expensive, but they don’t have to break the bank.

Taught by Joseph and Anna Heintzelman, who are passionate about education. They are a husband and wife team and the parents of 6 children. Joseph has degrees in Early Childhood Education and Marriage, Family and Human Development. He currently educates individuals and couples as a Financial Advisor. Anna is a Childbirth Educator and DONA International trained doula. She works as both a birth and postpartum doula in the central Florida area. She is also a Midwife Birth Assistant. Joseph and Anna teach It Takes Two: the miracle of birth childbirth series, along with sibling prep, newborn prep, and financial planning.

Upcoming CLasses

Friday January 17th 6:30

Friday May 22nd 6:30

Friday July 18th 6:30

Friday October 17th 6:30



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Breastfeeding 101

 Are you currently expecting? Learn how to get breast-feeding off to a good start after your baby is born and in the first few days after birth! We will explore the milk making process and talk about good latch on and positioning for the best breastfeeding outcomes.

 Whether it is your first pregnancy, or your fifth, Brooke is there to help you reach your personal breastfeeding goals. Her support is available in person, in your home, which allows you and your baby to feel totally at ease. Services range from position and latch issue resolution, gaining confidence, supply increase, pumping concerns and efficacy, prenatal breastfeeding orientation, and helping you navigate your new breastfeeding relationship. Brooke is also a Child Passenger Safety Technician. She is very passionate about educating parents and caregivers on how to properly install and use car seats. 

Upcoming classes

Every 2nd Saturday



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Placenta Curious

While your body is forming your baby, it’s also forming something else. your placenta is the organ that moves nutrients and oxygen to your little one. it does a huge job for you and your baby and often, it can be forgotten about in the excitement of pregnancy and in the joy of birthing your new babe.


Join Tamara of the kindred feminine as she teaches about the anatomy and physiology of the placenta, the significance of the placenta in other cultures and in some spiritual spiritual practices, and the many ways you can honor your placenta, including planting, consumption, and lotus birth etc.

This Class is by donation.

Upcoming Classes

January 18th 2:00

April 25th 2:00

July 25th 2:00

October 24th 2:00


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The Essential oils: Powerful Natural Solutions to Support Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Pregnancy is an incredible time in the life of both Mama and baby!  It is a time to be cherished by the parents and one that can be enjoyed for everyone, including baby, when some simple steps are taken every day.  Please join me in this informative and exciting workshop where we will discuss some helpful hints about proper nutrition, exercise and self-care that can make a HUGE difference in how both Mama and baby experience the pregnancy, labor and postpartum stages flowing through it like the ROCKSTARS you are!!  we will also empower you with pivotal essential oil hacks to naturally address everything from headaches, sore muscles, nausea and ‘morning sickness’, fighting the energy drain, anxiety and/or depression, stretch marks and other skin issues, labor pain, baby blues and much more!  As the miracle of life is growing inside of you so much on the outside is changing as well. It is all for the greater good and can be taken in stride and even done beautifully and gracefully when we have the proper tools in our metaphorical tool belt.  Let me help you see how easy it is and has been for so many Mamas (including me!) to just say no to the synthetics offered to us and instead support ourselves and our babies the safe, natural way.  The small fee gives you the opportunity to make two different oil blends <to take home and begin using right away> that support your body and growing baby addressing many of the issues mentioned above.  You will have several options to choose from in every stage; 1st through 3rd trimester, labor, postpartum and even a ‘just for baby’ blend. I’m so thrilled to share this life-changing information with you and I look forward to being a part of this special time in you and your family’s life.  

Upcoming classes

January 25th 2:00

April 18th 6:00

July 18th 2:00

October 17th 2:00



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