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Prepare for postpartum

The postpartum period, sometimes referred to as the Fourth Trimester, is an intense time of delight and wonder with your newborn baby finally in your arms. It’s also an intense time of hormonal changes, the work of keeping a small human fed and cared for, exhaustion, and finding a new normal. It makes sense to prepare for postpartum!  This 2 hour, hands on, class covers topics such as changes to mo’s body, newborn characteristics and cues, postpartum mood disorders, creating feeding & changing stations, babywearing, meal planning, helping siblings & pets adjust, creating a postpartum plan, and a make and take padsicle.

upcoming classes

January 10th

April 3rd

May 15th

July 10th


$25 (Includes all materials)


After the Stork Meal PLANNING

Take the complication of planning meals after your little one arrives out of the mix. After the Stork Meal Planning gives you the tools to prep or cook your meals ahead of time. In this class we demonstrate how to prep and store your meals. You’ll also get a chance to taste one of the meals from the recipes. After the class you will gain access to the After The Stork recipes and videos. 

upcoming classes

January 12th

February 15th

March 21st

May 23rd


$150 (Includes all materials)


Babywearing Basics

Baby needs to be held. Parents need to get stuff done! What to do? In Baby wearing Basics, you will learn how to safely wear your baby in comfort and confidence. Led by a certified baby wearing educator, in this class we will discuss:

– Baby wearing safety

– Different types of carriers

– How to select a carrier that’s right for you

– How to wear your baby, and newborn positioning

– How to breastfeed and bottle feed in a carrier

– And more!

Upcoming classes

February 22nd

May 23rd

August 29th

October 31st


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Intro to Fertility Awareness | The science of tracking your fertility signs for body literacy, contraception, or conception

Fertility awareness is a self-empowering practice of tracking three main signs of fertility: cervical fluid changes, cervical position changes and basal body temperature. Tracking these as well as secondary fertility signs can help you make decisions each day as to whether you are fertile or not, and help you grow in relationship to your body. that relationship will be the building blocks for body literacy, autonomy, and empowerment.

Tracking your fertility signs over time will offer wonderful insight into the balance and health of your reproductive system. Informing us what hormones are activating the various parts of their cycles and the benefits, challenges, signs and signals these hormones offer us. Learning and keeping track of these changes and using this information allows us to care for our hormonal health, be in tune with our bodies, optimize our fertility, and to consciously choose when and if we would like to be pregnant.

Full day workshop (10-6) with a break for lunch

A note about the pricing. Tamara feels very passionately that the earlier we learn these skills the better prepared we are to advocate for ourselves and to make informed choices about our bodies. It’s with this heart that she offers this class for free to anyone under the age of 18. Your ticket price of $125 helps to make that possible. If you are under the age of 18, please use code UNDER18 at checkout. Please bring your proof of age to class. Additionally, if you feel that $125 is out of your price range and you are eager to learn about your fertility, please contact Tamara today to discuss options.

 Your registration includes a copy of, taking charge of your fertility by Toni Weschler, a basal body thermometer, and your work book.

Upcoming classes

January 19th

April 26th

July 26th

October 25th


$125 ( See note about pricing)


It Takes Two: Life with a Newborn

This class can be taken on its own or as an add-on to the childbirth series class.  It is taught by a husband and wife team.  We will cover basic newborn care, postpartum care for mom, and how to prepare and cope with the adjustments to life with a newborn.  Childbirth is not just the birth of a child, but also the birth of parents.  This is not your mother’s prep class—we will discuss the importance of navigating through this parenting journey together, supporting each other through the hard times, and preparing for the years to come.


February 10th

June 1st

October 5th


$50 or $40.00 if added onto the It Takes Two Childbirth series (use code 10OFF)


Sibling Prep with jenn the doula

We will have fun with a few age-appropriate activities and suggestions for things for you to do to help get you precious little one prepare to meet the new baby!

Taught by Jenn the doula and Childbirth Educator – mother of 5, & educator for over 30 years. This class is open to anyone, but seating is limited.


January 5th

April 5th

September 6th

December 6th


$15 for your fist child and use code 5OFF for a $5 discount on each additional registration! Please register separately

welcome to fatherhood

Welcome To Fatherhood covers a little history of fatherhood and what can be expected for all. We dive deep into the differences in home, birth center, and hospital births, and questions and concerns about fatherhood. We work together for preparation, support, other classes supporting birth preferences, understanding labor stages and phases, the prenatal and postpartum appointments,connecting after birth, creating a parenting plan, and reconnecting as a couple.


January 10th

April 3rd

May 15th

July 10th




My baby Can Sign course

If you can teach your child to play “Peek-A-Boo,” you can teach your baby to sign.  All you need is the vocabulary and consistency.  I’ll show you the vocabulary, you bring the consistency… and watch your baby’s language skills soar!

Jenn Randall, who taught all of her 5 children to sign from infancy, and educator for over 24 years, teaches this 4-week, 1-hour, multi-sensory approach to learn many of baby’s most commonly used words. Signs used in this course are from American Sign Language (ASL).   Research shows that teaching hearing babies to sign has many benefits, including (but not limited to): 1. Providing practical language to give Baby the ability to communicate well before able to speak. 2. Reducing temper tantrums. 3. Increasing vocabulary & language skills. 4. Improving reading & spelling skills and even IQ. 5. Increasing visual attention and joint attention skills. 6. Promoting fine motor skills. 7. Teaching a language that will provide an opportunity to communicate with those who are deaf. 8. Having LOTS of FUN with your baby! 

Upcoming classes

March 1st – March 22nd

June 7th -June 28th


$75 per couple + 1 child, use code 50OFF for $25 for each additional adult, and $65OFF $10 for each additional child


Cloth Diapering 101

Interested in cloth diapering but not sure where to start? Come to our workshop and learn all about the different types of cloth diapers, how to use them, how to wash them, and why they’re a great choice for your family! You will learn: – Benefits of Cloth vs Disposables – Pros and Cons of different diaper outer piece and inner piece options – How to correctly use cloth diapers on your baby – How to wash cloth diapers -Troubleshooting leaks and wash routine This event is especially beneficial for pregnant moms-to-be and moms of little babies, but is open to all wanting to learn about cloth diapering. This information is great for dads and caretakers too!

upcoming classes

February 7th

May 8th

August 7th

November 13th


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New Parent Support groups & More (coming soon)

Coming soon to The Educated Mama, Shannon Coulliard, The boob Guru, will be hosting a safe space each week where new moms can come and share, learn, and spend time with like minded women.

Stay tuned for more info!


It Takes Two: Sibling Celebration

This class is taught by professionals—Kiya, age 16 and Andrea, age 14 are the older sisters of our family of 6 children.  They will prepare your child(ren) for their important job as Big Brother or Big Sister.  Whether your child will be present at your birth or will meet their new sibling later, this class will prepare them for what to expect. This will be a fun and interactive class for children 2-18! 


February 17th

June 8th

October 12th


$35.00 or $25.00 if added on to the It takes Two Childbirth class (use code 10OFF)

The Educated Mama

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