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The Educated Mama

The birth of your baby is a keystone moment in your life, when you alter your expectations and move forward in hope. 

 Doing this takes preparation because birth isn’t just physical, it’s mental, emotional, and for some, it changes our view of ourselves in this world. You are entering into parenthood. You are testing your body. You are relying on your support team (and they need to be equally prepared and educated).  Let us help you make prepare for this wonderful journey into childbirth. 

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About Us

About The Educated Mama

The Educated Mama is a collaboration of childbirth educators, doulas, midwives, lactation specialists, placenta encapsulators, and birth supporters (ie. birth junkies!). We all live and breathe childbirth related information. It is our passion. We are honored to be a part of your journey. 



We provide reliable information for parents who are looking at many different types of birth options. Some are choosing a medicated hospital birth or a repeat cesarean section. Others are choosing a midwife for a home birth or in a birth center setting. How ever you want to give birth to your child is up to you. You just need reliable and evidence based information as you go.

 Obviously, as we enter into this new realm of social distancing, we are having to adapt our education methods. With that, we have created an entire curriculum of online accessible childbirth (and related) classes to meet all of your needs. These classes are available LIVE with teacher interaction, or recorded for you to attend at your leisure. 

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Featured Classes

CALM Birth Class

Instructors: Jenn Randall/Aelis Rivera
5 week series. Available Live or Recorded, English, Spanish and in ASL


Birth Basics with a midwife

Instructor: Emily Maldonado, LM CPM
1 Hour Live Session, available in English or Spanish.


Refresher Class

Instructors: Jenn Randall/Aelis Rivera
2 Hour Class available in English, Spanish and in ASL. 


Pregnancy Yoga

Instructor: Leila Wyatt
60 minute LIVE class.


Baby Sign Language

Instructor: Jenn Randall

Breastfeeding 101

Instructor: Brooke Simmons
2 Hour Live Class with IBCLC



Due to the current COVID-19 Crisis, all of our classes have been converted to online. We are still offering them live time, so that you can still have that very important interaction with other parents and your instructor. We will also be offering recorded classes that you may take at your leisure, but we do recommend the live sessions for obvious reasons. 

Birthing Today

Covid-19 is having an impact on our birthing community in all aspects. Mothers are concerned with being able to have adequate support during their births, or about getting breastfeeding support in a hospital setting. Hospitals are limiting guests and not including Doulas in all settings, where they are truly needed. Keep posted and get involved in